Weight Painting, what's wrong ?

Hello to whoever is reading this post,

After I tried literally anything I could imagine (including some basic magical rituals), I thought I ask the Profs about my little annoyance:

I work with Blender version 249.2. PC is a DualCore with 4GB and WinXP (post SP3)

I just made a new character with all the rigging in place and began to weight paint my little Goblin. I startet with applying the Bone Heat to the Vertex groups and then got on with correcting and fine tuning (on the Buttons I just had Add, X-Mirror, All Faces and Soft activated).
Everything went fine, until I saved my work and went for dinner. Coming back to continue with the painting, there was just a NoGo.

I can activate weight paint mode, I can select a single bone and I see the painting for that bone, I can clear the paint for that bone (Button Clear).

But then things got strange…

Clicking the Painting Mask Button makes my Character disappear, leaving just the Armature and parented Objects visible. Deactivating the Paint Mask brings everthing back.

Painting is impossible - Weight, Opacity are on 1.0 but neither Add, Mix, Sub or the other Buttons are working.

I then tried to do the painting in version 248, but with no success (exactly the same behavior).

So I really hope some of you have a good idea or three how I can resolve this mistery.

Big Thanks in advance

It sounds like you have the Painting Mask active. (F-key) When in mask mode selecting faces and pressing H will hide them, making them unpaintable. Pressing Alt-H will unhide faces, making them paintable again.
Note: they only disappear in Mask mode, you can still see them in Weight Paint, but are masked.

Hi DarkAltar,

Big Thanks, that was the ticket. I’ve absolutely no clue how it happened - all the strange things I mentioned - but I’m back in the game, painting away quite happily…