weight painting

Is weight painting much easier than vertex assignment? I’ve used vertex assignment for a long time and I have to admit I find it pretty boring. I just don’t know if I want to bother learning weight painting. Also, is it easy or a lot of work to learn it?

Er…I think it’s a matter of preference.

Vertex Assignment: it’s easy to precisely set verticies, it’s tedious, you don’t need to learn anything very new to use it

Weight Painting: Faster than assignment, less presice, somewhat easy to mess up, a little annoying to learn

Thanks Toomai. I think I’ll stay with vertex then. The precise thing is what got me. I may play around with it eventually, but for now I guess I’ll stick with boring vertex assignment.

I do both. Weight painting is colosally easier for me, since vertex assignment is a pain in the ass. Also, weight painting is just as precise, since you have all the functionality of assignment. What I mean is that they are basically, not mutually exclusive, I do both generally.

I use both as well. After a whole bunch of weight painting I found that vertex assignment is great for knocking out a bunch of verticies quickly. Then to fine tune things I weight paint.

An other thing to consider is setting your vertex groups as you model it can help to make things easier down the road a bit.



Vertex paint is quite nice for fine tuning as you see the results on the fly. But to setup symetric weights (left/right arm) it is a pain.
Maybe someone knows how to mirror or copy the weights from left to right side and to another vertex group?
(I don’t want make a complete copy all the time)

I believe if you use the proper naming convention you can use the x-mirror button. It will mirror across for pair bones or symmetrically for bones on the z axis. I think I haven’t played with it enough to know for sure.