weight painting

okay so i was begging to do some weight painting and had gotten all the vertices i wanted “attached” to a bone. i dont know what i did but when i went to the next bone the “paint” from the previous dissappeared. i tried to paint some more but nothing happens.

i still dont know what i did so unless someone already knows why this has happenned i think ill go through a checklist or something to find out what i changed to make that happen. as far as i understand all i need to do is select the armature then control tab to change it to pose mode. then select the character mesh and control tab that into weight paint mode. then right click on the bone i want then paint away. i can do all of that but nothing happens when i try to paint if anyone knows some things i should look for to make sure are working properly or are on the right settings thatd be great.

i believe you have a different weight map for each bone. If you reselect it, it should come back.this is very useful, although it may seem confusing at first.

hi thanks for posting

i checked what you said and the weight was set to 0 maybe it changed to that at a different point in time i dont know. so i changed it back to 1 and tried to paint but still nothing ill screw around a bit more and see if i can somehow make it work


did you try reselecting the bone?

yeah i did but didnt work no problems tho i tried some stuff with vertex groups and got it to work again

k good, hope i helped.