Weight Painting

I am working on a model of a somewhat realistic human (not too detailed, he’s in a black jumpsuit because I’m also adding armor) and I am now having an issue with weight painting. First, when I move one of the character’s arms, it deforms part of the model’s stomach area. When I go in weight paint mode, I can’t find where there is any weight applied to that area, and using a subtract brush in the general area doesn’t seem to work either. Is there a way to clear the weight in a large area? My second problem is with the character’s fingers. I’ve applied the weight for each bone in each finger, but I’m still having some issues. When I move one of the bones, the finger seems to deform in a weird way, usually making the finger look smaller and shriveled up. Is there something else I should do for the armature or weight painting for the hands?

Thanks in advance, and I apologize if I haven’t given enough information in this post. I’ll post any additional information if needed.

Is it possible to modify vertex weights for multiple vertices at a time instead of one at a time?

Yes. Use Weight Paint Mode or assign the weights in edit mode. In edit mode select the vertices that you want to assign, select the vertex group to assign too, choose a weight value and hit assign.

Okay, thanks. Now I have just one more question. How do I remove all vertex groups from selected vertices? The Remove button only seems to remove the selected vertex groups from all vertices if one is selected, but I want to clear all vertex groups from the selected vertices.

Select the verts, then in the vertex groups properties panel… the panel with the red square around it in DanPro’s screen shot… below the +/- signs and above the up/down arrow buttons, see the black down arrow button, click on that. It will open a new menu and one of the options is to remove selected verts from all vertex groups.

Sounds to me like you are trying to fix up a poor auto-weighting job. The easiest and quickest way to do this is with weight painting, but always enable auto-normalize when using weight painting. Manually assigning weight is a PITA, compared to weight painting.

Personally, I think the best way to fix auto-weighting errors, is to not use auto-weighting at all. It really doesn’t take too long to weight paint a model. I would rather spend 2-3 hours doing something relaxing, like painting, than spend 2-3 hrs fixing someone’s bad paint job.


Thanks for the help. I’ve been playing around with weight painting, and while it worked for fixing the rest of the model, I just can’t seem to get the fingers to work perfectly. So I’m trying to use an even more precise way to add weights for them. Using vertex groups is making it better, but it still isn’t perfect.