weight painting

my computer is an HP Pavilion with Windows 7 Home Premium Edition processor is 1.90Ghz AMD A8-4500M APU with Radeon HD Graphics…
Installed memory 16GB (Useable 15.5GB)

I created a character that I am trying to rig for animation… using weight painting… I’ve used weight painting before and not had the issue of it being so very slow … I click and area to paint and it takes about a minute before it does anything or it comes back and says “Not responding” and then eventually it moves… My file has 1,362,568 verts… I removed all doubles…
I am using Blender 2.73A

I have done some other characters with the Weight painting and they painted okay… moved the file to another laptop running windows 8 and got the same problem… much slow…

I can’t get the file uploaded… it shows uploading, but doesn’t appear… the file is 9612KB no clue why it is not uploading…


1.3 million verts is a lot for that system, I’d be curious to look at the scene. Your best bet for speeding up weight painting is this:

  1. Move your character object to a layer on it’s own. In object mode, select the charcater and hit m, and choose a layer. Often times my “main” character will be on layer 1. Next select only layer 1, so only the character object is visible.

  2. On in your modifiers on the character, look for any geometry modifiers. Subsurf and multiresolution would be the most likely. Disable them in viewport by clicking the eyeball icon.

Go back into weigh paint and it should be real time.

Okay… will do that thanks… didn’t think about the subsurf… there is that modifier on it… he actually isn’t in a scene… he is all alone in this file so I can create the character and then move him to the main scene I want him in… usually if I am adding a character to a scene and have to create it, I create it on it’s own layer and when it is working like I want, then I move into the main layer … I will get rid of the subsurf and see if that helps… Not sure why I couldn’t upload the file… I tried 6 times and won’t go… It is less than the allowed size so don’t know… anyway… will go do that and see what happens
appreciate your reply… have a great day

Okay… took off the sub surf modifier and now can weight paint… thank you for the reply… I never thought of that… I don’t use the weight paint that much so didn’t realize… appreciate your help