Weightless solids and cloth in no-gravity

Hey there,

I hope i can explay to you what i want and what i tried. These days im trying a bit to get into compositing. As an exercise im trying to simulate the qpid from “death stranding” into real footage.
For the ones here who didnt play the game; its kinda a bunch of USB-Sticks on a small collar, but the thing is totally weightless and floats around.

So, i modelled the sticks the the collar. The collar was very easy. Its just a clothsimulation with the leather-preset. Its doing its job pretty good, so here’s no problem. The problem are the solid sticks. i just dont find a way to simulate the physics of them without being deformed in any way. I tried softbodys and clothsimulations with extremly high settings to prevent deforming ( doesnt work. Highest number still isnt 100% solid ), and the best result i got so far were rigidbodys. Sadly, rigidbodys DO react woth the collar, as long its set to a rigid body as well. Problem here is, the rigid-body doesnt affect the motion of the collar. Of course the sticks should kinda damp the motion as well. Also, the slightest “fast” Motion of the collar sends the sticks into space, as like there is no physical connection at all. Tried to raise the settings for the rigid-body-scene, but even on highest settings possible ( it does improve it alot, but not enough ) a fast motion breaks the connection.

I dont know what to do. In my mind its completely simple, i just need a 100% solid simulation of the sticks that react to the softbody/cloth. Any ideas?


Another try i made; remodel the sticks as simple as possible. Basically just a cube with a cut, set it as a mesh-deform-modifier to the Stick-Mesh and animated the basic shape. It does work better, but same problem; the deform affects the sticks too much.

The problem with the collar not reaction to the rigid body is kinda solved when i activate “collision” for the sticks. But then the sticks act like they weight about a ton and its needs a lot of force to move them.