Is it possible to weightpaint two meshes on one armature.
Like the body and clothing or must I first join the two meshes together and then parent them to the armature.
I am just a beginner.

just add an Armature modifier to each of the meshes, point the modifiers to the Armature and you´ll be done. You will have to weight paint each of the meshes separately.

Don´t forget to check this information on the mesh defrom modifier, it could save you a lot of trouble. It is an alternate method for rigging that is a lot easier and gives better results than weight painting the character. They used this technique in Big Buck Bunny, and in Ratatouile.


“You will have to weight paint each of the meshes separately”

that’s where I was afraid of

but still - thanks

It works but blender is getting slow.
For weightpainting I select the bone and then type W then choose apply height weights

It works but the skin body is getting through the clothing.
How can I solve this.