Weights to Vertex Colors addon

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Hey guys! is there any way this can be modified to do the opposite? to get the vertex colors to be transferred to weights? I’m thinking it would be extremely useful for stuff like controlling displacement maps and so on using dirty vertex colors


Thanks for this very useful addon who should be by default in blender in my opinion.
Could you tell me what is the track of the first video please Shazam doesn’t find anything … :roll_eyes: ?
Thank you by advance :wink:

i dont know how to download/install it. is there a release link?

There is a link in this post for Blender 2.8 (didn’t try it though).
There is also a feature in Blender that converts Weight Paint to Vertex colors:

  • Do a weight paint
  • Go in Vertex Paint mode > Menu on top: Paint > Vertex Color from Weight.

Also, the Tissue addon (build in) has this feature: When you are in Weight Paint mode, go to the Tissue addon > Convert to Colors

I wrote this add-on 7 years ago and people are still interested in it. it sounds like BF devs has seen the interest in such feature.

As Peetie noted weights to vertex color now exists in 2.9x