Weird and unexpected deformation from armature

Hello everyone. I’m learning how to rig the model and I made pretty much everything and all works fine, armature posing deforms mesh, except mesh deforms in weird forms in some places. I have model which separated into different limbs, I thought that will help, but no that didn’t helped. Model was imported from MagicaVoxel via addon for blender. Can be that fixed or not? I planning import that model into Unity. Thanks!

P.S I new so I don’t know how to properly attach screenshots

Just from your screenshot I am going to guess that the one bone is rotated in the wrong direction, so when it is posed it moves opposite to the way it should… rotate it 180 and should work, also be sure to apply rotation Ctrl + A > Rotation
Maybe you could show us a shot of the bones, with x-ray enabled…
this is only a guess…for now

To attach pix click the arrow in the text editor and window will allow you to choose file and then at bottom click upload…Make sure cursor is at the bottom of the text or it will insert into your post.

Well some bones rotated via “Pole Target”, but I try rotate that bone, I think second leg also influenced by another leg, I wanna remove that.


That’s screenshots of legs armature and weights of that leg, other parts have 0.0 weights (all blue)




Yay! I fixed it. I reassigned all weights in weight paint mode via vertex mode and vertex groups and it worked. Just selecting all object vertices in “Weight Paint” mode, then selecting each bone in “Vertex Groups” window and removing assignment, then for bone which represents selected part press assign with weight 1.0, repeat for all remaining parts and woila. That kinda routine process because you making same actions for all of your model parts and I like to kinda automate this but thats fine and it works perfectly for my model! Thanks for help anyway.