Weird Animation Problem

I’m making a game right now, and I made sword combo logic… I have it so when I click the left mouse button at a certain frame, do to the next part of the combo… This works perfectly in scene where the actual objects are, but when I make a group and move it to another scene, the combos don’t work, it only does the first part of the combo and then it cuts to off before it finishes…

I hope this explains what is happening right now, and I don’t want to release the .blend because I want to release it when the final beta is done… I may make a video of the problem later on today, but for now I’ll try to explain to the best of my abilities… Thanks a lot guys!

Edit:Nevermind on the above, all the animation screw up :confused: I’ll post a video later this night, but please read my explanation :slight_smile:


Did you set the actions within the action actuator with python?

no I didn’t only used logic bricks and to transfer through combos, I used states…

I’ve noticed with the “Yo Frankie!” game the logic sometimes doesn’t carry through when using groups.
You might want to try it again, otherwise do it “Monster’s” way…