weird ao... why?

hey I was using the discombobulator script and I turned on AO and this is what it did. its at 8 samples.

what is that? its pretty weird…on the right side about in the middle where its really dark?


I have never used disombobulator, but I can venture a guess.

When it discombobulates, it creates a new mesh, from the original mesh

You have two meshes trying to occupy the same space, creating the “screen door” look.

Try deleting the original mesh?

Total guess.

argh… I’m an idiot. I didn’t think it would do that. thanks!

I noticed it when trying to work with Booleans. Booiean operations do the same thing, and you have to be extrememly carefule to erase the base meshes only when trying to do multiple boolean operations.

But hurrah!

My guess was right!