Weird Artifacts

Hi Again guys,

I’m starting to get better at Blender but i seem to be running into a problem. When i was going through the Bongo Tutorial, whenever i extruded some things i would get weird black artifacts, is this normal? I also was wondering how to join two seperate pieces of the body (right side and left side)(not ctrl-J). In the bongo tutorial it says to press s-key and then x-key right after but all this does is begin to scale the one half. Is there a better way of joining to identical halfs, without creating those black artifacts?

Thanks alot,

Eric Holmes

black artifacts are caused either by doubles ( select all verts and click remove doubles button ) or, more likely, inverted normals, so select all vertices in edit mode, and press ctrl N for recalculate normals outside.

S then X is the old way to mirror an object along the X axis.

The new way to do it is Ctrl+M

Thanks a lot Modron! You solved my problem. But i still don’t know how to join the two meshes perfectly. Seems like there would be some function for this.

Thanks again.