Weird behavior when using grease pencil in draw mode

Every time I draw a stroke with grease pencil in draw mode it occasionally creates these weird blobs along the stroke at completely random intervals. I’ve never had this problem before using the grease pencil and my tablet. I’ve restarted Blender, reset my settings on my graphics tablet, tested to see if it was something with the pen pressure, but still can’t figure it out. I’m using Blender 3.0. I also have active smooth set to 1.00, but even with all the settings as I have them now, I’ve never had this problem.

Sure looks like it is some sort of pressure sensitivity issue.

maybe update your tablet drivers? perhaps there is some electromagnetic interference?

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Seconding this. What’s especially odd is that it’s regular pressure distortions, of equal magnitudes, at approximately equal distances. This leads me to believe this is a software issue- you’d be hard pressed to create a hardware glitch such as a short circuit that acts with that level of precision. I would almost guarantee that the drivers will fix it.

One other thing to consider- you can change your pen API in the Blender preferences. You might try if a different API fixes this