Weird behavior


I’ve been using blender for a while and there has always been something that really annoys me: when I’m in the middle of some modelling action, sometimes the controls get all messed up, like having suddenly the mmb action changed for another or when I press 1, 3 and 7 to change views, the new view is the opposite of the right one.
However, if I press shift all comes back to normal. It might sound confusing, but above all it makes me loose my head.

If this has happened to someone or if anyone knows why this happens, I would be thankful to know.


Happens to me. Like when the shift key is frozen.

If your using WindowsXP there is a “feature” called sticky keys which is activated when a modifier key is held down for five seconds. That key (i.e. the shift key) is then stuck down even when you release it. I have tried to turn this behavior off but it still happens sometimes. This could be your problem as well…


I know about that “sticky” function, and I deactivate it right way when I install Windows. So, my problem/question remains unanswered.

Thanks anyway

bad keyboard? maybe opening and cleaning…

Sometimes, my camera rotates way too fast. Like WAY too fast. I guess that’s a bug too?

bad mouse? maybe opening and cleaning…

just kiddin’ :wink:

i get this somtimes and then somtimes everything gets messed up and i get all the object mode keys in edit mode and vice versa only way i could fix it was to restart

These should all be reported in the bug tracking section of It is natural to think “…I’m sure this has already been reported.”, but that might not be the case.