Weird behaviour of sound strips with character present in 3d window

I have added two audio strips in the Video Sequencer Editor window - one starting at frame 1, the second say at frame 100.

Case 1: I add an object (cube) in the 3D window
If I cut the first strip (sh+K) and retain the left part, it plays that retained segment OK and only plays strip2 when the green line meets it.

Case 2: Now add a character in the 3D window (linked or appended. A key frame may be inserted or not.

Now for strip 1 segment, only part of the audio is played and then silence.
And as for strip 2, the audio starts playing EARLIER - before the vert line meets the strip.

This behviour baffles me. Please suggest how to ensure with a character present,

  1. to play the whole of a trimmed strip
  2. for a strip located further to the right, to start playing only when the vertical line meets the strip.
    Please help

in the timeline window is the av-sync option selected, this skips frames when your viewport framerate drops and keeps audio synchronised so it plays when its supposed to … frame dropping does the same but to a lesser extent

Can’t thank you enough. Exile420. It took sometime to get a reply from Bl Artists and it came through you.

I did think of going for the AV-SYNC option but didn’t in the end.

Phew - now I can get on with my animation which was held up because of the lack of sync between the poses and the audio.

THANKS AGAIN. You made my day.