Weird bird and female head

hy there,

I made a female head to start with (should have been Nefertitti but due to a lack of orthographic pictures turned out not to be her)
It’s not done yet but just wonderin if I had the loops correct and so (cuzz its my first head)

And I whilst waiting that the proffessor of biodiversity had time to defend my exams last june I drew a scetch of a “bird”. And I finally modelled it now that I found out about shift-E whilst subsurfing.

Indeed no materials and no fancy shading of the grass and moustache cuzz I dunno how YET.

In both images I was wondering none the less how I could have my particles mirrored together with my mesh. And if thats not possible how to make multiple particle’s for 1 mesh using multiple berzier curves (like for the moustache)

Cheerio, comments more then welcome.

Good work, a couple crits though…

top of the head is way to big, and women don’t have adams apples…