Weird black artifacts when using transparent shader

Hi everyone, I’m having some problems making billboards and I have no clue what could be causing it.

Seems like something wrong with the alpha testing or the way the alpha is being calculated.

I tried to replicated it here. Pretty much if I make a billboard with a transparency then I made it transparent again to make it lighter, it gives me this problem. Any body know how to fix this or any way around this?

Increase the transmission bounces.

Do you mean in the Light Path settings? At the moment its set to the default of 128, and putting it higher doesn’t fix the problem.

To increase the Transparency bounces would be more appropriate. :eyebrowlift:

the default is (was) 128, but this was locked by the max settings which I believe were 8. You would need to turn those up as well.

Ah great it worked! Thanks everyone!

Yeah, lol…brain thought one thing, hand typed another…