weird black shadows

Hey everyone, I have a little problem: As you can see in the picture there are really ugly looking shadows projected from the wheat(I guess) does anyone know how I can get rid of them, or make them look smoother/more realistic?

And I’d be happy about Any critique and comment about the render

this is still a work in progress


If the wheat is alpha masked and you are using cycles, you have to increase the max transparency bounces under lightpaths in the render tab.

thanks for the tip.

this is what I got so far:

I modeled an completely created this with blender but then exported it to cinema 4d to render the scene(please don’t hate me, but I have to work with c4d for school, but i refuse to model things there)

Do you have any tips to make it look more realistic?


Looking good.

If you want more realism, use a less vibrant sky, reduce the post proccess, increase the soil’s detail by increasing the texture’s resolution, making it more grainy and placing random stuff on it, like stones, dead leaves, shorter vegetation. Also make the already present vegetation a little more random in height e and variation, they look the same. Add some imperfections to the mill.

Keep it up.

little update: i added some rocks and leafs(you can hardly see them) to the ground, and I gave the wheat a slight randomization. I think I’ll keep the sky and the post process as a unrealistic “touch”… I like that :wink:

the fore ground looks blurred rather than out of focus, the sharp focus on the rock is increaseing that effect, so maybe sharpen up the ground a bit or defocus the rock to match the ground. Or both, both would be good.

layer on a more detailed texture on the dirt in the foreground add some displacement to the dirt and some clumps scattered around the corn at least to break up the transition.

You could also offset the windmill blades but thats just suggestion for the composition.

You got a nice final look overall though. Congrats