Weird black world during camera mapping

I am having trouble with rendering this simple camera mapping work. I created several planes and UV mapped all the images.
As you can see from the following screenshot, there is always a black object partially block the view when I render it. If I create a new world and change the world color to gray and then this black will change to gray as well. However, it shows up whenever there is world or not.
I also notice that the black object will disappear if the camera moves forward towards the image somewhat.

Could you please tell me what causes this black stuff and how to fix it? Many thanks in advance

Check your clipping settings. It seems like your camera is intersecting the mesh in front of it which may be causing this anomaly.

thank you for the reply.

Do you mean the clipping border? I tried the clipping border and no changes.
My camera is quite far away from the scene and there is no object between the camera and the plane with image. That black stuff should be related to the world setting as the color will change if I change the world color.

Are you sure you changed the camera’s clipping values and not the view clipping values? They are different things.

Thank you Jblender and K Horseman,

I finally found the clipping end setting and solved the problem by increasing the value.