weird browser issue

I have to agree with Mifune here… I’ve found very few things that didn’t work in the mozilla flash/java plugins…

w00t w00t iv got mozilla yet im still getting these pop ups help!!!

You have Spyware installed on your computer. I thought it was obvious but I guess not. Download spybot and ad-aware.

got both ran both still happens

(btw the pop up opened in internet explorer if that has anything to do with it)

lmfao Getting Firefox won’t FIX internet explorer. lmao. Internet Explorer is terrible on its own. Firefox is the solution because it doesn’t fall victim to this junk 9/10 times.

yeh so how do i stop it using internet explorer?

Stupid question time… did you run updates on spybot and ad-aware before having them scan your system? Are you running any goofy non-essential background processes (weather checkers or web browser bars - other than google - or P2P apps)? Have you nuked your cookies and temp files?

There are apparently ways to slice IE from your system… but it’s really sort of moot point trying.

Clean up your machine and keep it maintained… and keep an eye on what software you stumble into installing.

thanks iv updated both of them ran them i havnt got any other bars than google. iv for firefox set as my default browser yet the pop ups come up IE so i wonderd if there is a way to get rid of it?


If you have SP1 installed you can go to Set Programm Access and Defaults in the start menu.

whats sp1?

SP1 = Windows XP Service Pack 1

It has, due to a law suit, an option to change what the default programs are for some basic and common computer applications.

im using 98

o u c h :frowning:

Well everything should be fine if you avoid IE. And NEVER click yes on something unless you know exactly what company its from.

yes the trouble is its allready on my computer so i need to stop IE from running

IE doesn’t just run by itself magically. Open it when you need to and at no other time.

it auto runs about every ten mins becouse of this damn pop ups but if there is a way to disable IE it wouldnt pop up

Well the popup wouldn’t be running if it weren’t for the spy ware. Uninstall the spyware correctly and you’ll be all set.

Have you set Firefox as your default browser?

Also make sure there aren’t any strange icons in your task bar.

And what sort of ads are popping up? What are they about?

I’ve got a popup problem too. I installed Firefox and now it’s over. Well when I browse with Firefox I have no problem. When I open Internet Explorer and I’m even not connected to the internet, a popup windows appears directly at the start of IE. Spyare I think, well I’m sure it is.

Internet Explorer + internet connection = pc full of spyware and torjans in your temp internet folder

Firefox + internet connection = the way we love to browse the internet.

I think this is 100% sure for me, I have to use IE for my bank account because it only allows IE, otherwise I had uninstalled Internet Explorer included Outlook Express (sucks too)

I use Firebird now, and that rocks hell. I still remmber my teacher saying, Free software or opensource software sucks, allways bugs and so on. I wish I could visit him again and let him look what I use right now. Free software rocks, pay software sucks ass.