Weird camera problem on my Mac

When I press ‘0’ to go to camera view I get a really strange result (see the picture below).

Outside camera mode it’s all fine.

This problem persists in game mode when viewing through the camera but fine in other views.

I made the file using my PC where it all works perfectly and ony opened it on my mac to make a mac runtime.

I’m running version 2.4.1 with python 2.3 on an iBook G4. Has anyone had a similar problem?

Thank you!

You mean the dark lines on the face?

This is because the distance of your pages is to small. Blender uses Z-Buffer method. If two faces are to close to eachother the renderer can’t deside which one is on top. With Z-Buffer this is desided per pixel. The lines you can see are the pixel from the plane below the top one. For the others you see the pixel from the top face.

You can:

  • decrease the z-Buffer distance by decreasing the cameras clipping values.
  • increase the distance between your pages.
  • make the pages below the top page invisible.
  • use alpha planes with z-order

maybe there are over solutions

Is there a reason this only happens when you are looking through the camera? And why should this be the case on a mac and not a PC?

I’m totally stuck.

This is not related to the PC or MAC. It is the way Blender works and what z-Buffer the graphic card has.
The Z-Buffer is always dependent on the distance to the camera. The Pixel with the lowest distance to the camera is hiding pixels with greater distance. That means for different camera positions you will see different results. The free view is a separate camera with separate z-buffer and different position/orientation.

Move, rotate, or zoom your active camera and you should see different effects.

If I look at your picture I think your pages all have the same position. You should move them a little bit along the z-axis. Finally a real book page has also a thickness.

I hope this helps

For some bizarre reason as soon as I set the start value of my camera clipping to anything other than 0 it works fine… even if I extend the end value! So now my start value is 0.1 and it’s all happy. How bizarre.

It would be nice to know why this worked, just out of curiosity but if noone knows then I’ll just put it down to my own genius (erm luck).