Weird collection behaviour

I know it;s still early days etc etc, but I have a project that I’ve been working in with some strange behaviour:

This ‘sword_Group’ contains all the part of the sword, and is instanced (the full sword with the empty parent) but I can’t open it to see/edit what’s in the group. If I duplicate and move say, the grip, it’s duplicated in the instanced collection too. If I deleted the duplicated part, it persists in the instanced sword_group.

Also, I can’t move any of the objects in the orange ‘Objects’ group (What even is this orange collection icon?) into new collections either by drag and drop, or using the ‘M’ hotkey…

Aaaalso, if I append from this blendfile, ‘sword_group’ and ‘sword_group.001’ show up as objects, although if I try to append them, blender crashes…

Sounds like a bug.

Report here:

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