weird color issue

Hey guys
i made a scene with a barn and it looks great till i render it. no matter what i do the barn is brown! i cant get it to change at all. any help would be greatly apreciated

did you use the compositor?

well i used the compositor afterwards to see if i could just fix the lighting i dont think i used it until after i saw the problem

hmm. then I am stumped. In the compositor, it seems like sometimes with a fast guassian blur, the entire image becomes a single color. but that is only with the compositor. Would have to see your scene.

well thenmaybe i can print a screen of it. can i import pictures from my computer onto the site?

yes. Lower right “go advanced” “manage attachments” will bring up an uploader

here is a picture of the sheet metal roof. i decided to put it in another layer. the rest of the barn should be brown anyway. as you can see it only efects the objects


what is your mirror setting?

my mirror has nothing to do with it unfortunately. i turn it off and onn and it doesnt matter but i will post a pibture of it


what are your texture settings?

i textured it after i saw the problem. i do think the problem has to be a more global thing because when i add a random cube in the scene it has the exact same color. so i have placed all the enviromental setings on this screen.


what kind of lamp do you have?

i have a sun. i could never get the light even so i thought that that was the problem but with using the compositor and fixing the lighting it still didnt work. also before i tweaked it in the editor it looked really fogy

can you upload the blend?

i dont quite understand what you mean

upload the blend file. same way you upload an image, except you upload the .blend

ok so send you the file and then you could look at it yourself! ok thats pretty cool. give me a sec

it wont upload the file?

First click “Add file” then browse to the file you want to upload. Then click “upload” and it should appear in the main box. Then you have to drag the blend file into the attachments portion, click “insert inline” and then “done”

How big is the file BTW?

it says that barn .blend1 is an invalid file whenever i hit upload the size is 5.81 mb