weird comp of hair in 2.5

Hi all. I have 2 particle systems emitted for the hair of a character I am working on and the second hair system seems to wig out (pun!) around the edge of the character’s face… a like so…

Any thoughts on what might be doing this?


For what it’s worth, here’s an update…

Made in Max but largely rebuilt in Blender 2.5 as a test piece. Most of the mesh has been reworked (retopoed), re mapped with new materials applied. I’m really loving 2.5 and am finding out a whole bunch of new stuff doing this excercise.
I just need the meta rig stuff to work. :slight_smile:


She looks postively cute. I would love to see some wires of the face but what I would truely would like to know is how the heck you did the laces on her boots? I have tried doing laces on some chuck taylor all stars that I modeled but my results truely sucked.

Looking good Glenn! I’ve played with 2.5 myself a bit over the weekend, it’s very nice and seems like it’s getting much more stable.
Get good with the metarig would ya? The rest of us need a brain to pick :slight_smile:

She’s great! her clothes looks really good… I would also like to see a wire frame if u don’t mind.

Here is a turntable of her…
What I’d like to know is how to make the spec on her hair look more natural. At the moment it looks like the spec for the children hairs is being derived from the spec of the guides. I could be wrong about that and I’m not sure how to fix it.
If anyone has any clues, I’d be grateful for the help.

And here is a wire…