Weird Crooked Procedural Texture

Hey guys,

I’ve been building this side wall with a procedural brick texture, but for whatever reason the two outside pillars have got this odd thing going on where the texture is slanted away from the face of the object.

Whenever I move that section in the UV Editor it somewhat fixes the tilt but then either has weird artefacts or is crooked (see the two pillar images) - this is only happening on these two outer pillars of the wall (When I originally made this I used a mirror modifier - which I’ve since applied so I assume I messed something up on the right pillar and it carried over the mistake).

The rest of the wall is perfect, the UV texture sits perfectly and when I move those segments around it adjusts the procedural texture as it should… I’ve included a few images of the plane that forms the wall, and from which I extruded bits and pieces to make the pillars…

Here’s the link to the four Images (Left Pillar, Right Pillar, Reference for rest of the wall, Reference to back of the plane):

Sorry if this is an odd way to sharing the images, hard to clearly bring the point across with restrictions.

Any advice is greatly appreciated.


It’s going to be a little difficult to diagnose from those pictures alone. Do you have picture so of the UVs? I know you said they are perfect but it would be good to see them for confirmation that they are clean.

One of the images suggest you have a bevel modifier on the mesh. Do you have any modifiers on the mesh that could be causing the issue?

Hey Jamell thanks so much for the fast reply!

Even though it works perfectly it’s far from clean hah (SC in link)… so I dragged around some other parts of the wall and I can somewhat replicate that slant / tilt with other pillars that I thought were working perfectly, but the issue is nowhere near as prevalent on them and isn’t hard to re-adjust to make it look fine… whereas the outside pillars aren’t as simple…

So I don’t have any modifiers on it besides the Boolean mod that i’m using with a couple cube objects to form doorways, when i remove the mod it doesn’t seem to affect the UV at all.

I’ve attached a SC of my blender screen with UV editor on, two screenshots of what happens when I move the affected areas, and one screen shot of another pillar that is perfectly aligned but I’ve moved to replicate the tilt.

Here is a link to a few more screen shots

It’s very hard to see but I can see that the left edge of the uvs is not vertical. They will need straightening up.

Tbh I might not be seeing correctly. I’m on a mobile at the moment so my screen is small. Hopefully somebody with a clear view can help further.

Thanks for the help mate, I ended up messing around with the uv grid but resulted to re-building the wall with a plane and the pillars as separate cube objects.