Weird cyborgish thingy

This was one of those “just model away” thingies… I just started to test with various modelling thingys and it turned out to be one twisted looking Cyborg thingy. Took about 4 hours to model. Enjoy.

freaky yet very nice. awesome job :slight_smile:

Actually disturbing, he should have gone to spec-savers.

Nice light feel to this one oddly enough despite its uglyness, and even though its not photoreal, it has a very real feeling.

Very nice and clouds are very impressive.

heh neat =D…MODEL THE WHOLE THING! lol…I don’t think he made the clouds…it’s just like a skybox…right?

Yeah… the clouds are just backbuff really. And i am now modelling more of the body. No idea how it will turn out. :S

wow thats a good blend,
im still working on mine and i need help,
kan u give me some advise:spin:

Dont know can i be much of help… But i’ll answer any questions i can that are posted here.

I made quickly somesort of body. But couldnt really get anysort of better picture out of it. Plus it kinda starts to look … boring if it has body.

wow thats cool ,
and i need help with making a basic human sape:spin:

oops i ment shape

Cool stuff and great speed in modelling - keep it up!

The second version of your project lacks the grandeur of the first, much because of the pose in my opinion. You must have had an idea or some sort of vision for the first render - the pose is sort of classic to me. The overlapping limbs in the second pose and some of the details added there makes me think of it as rather arbitrary. I suggest you should try to pose your model more as a dancer would pose; with limbs locked in extreme positions (i.e. the knee pushed backwards as much as possible) and a non-symmetrical pose kept together by movements travelling all the way from one end of the body to the other. Maybe you could try make it a non-human body? A vehicle or an animal?

Please give us a few images of your mesh, it’s always interesting to see how others work. BTW, I’ve seen something similar by Josh Robinson at SubdivisionModeling.

My five pennies
/ Mats

Yeah you are right Mats. The Pose needs a work. Its good that i did the tail and legs to have very clear “joints” so it should be no problem to give it some pose… I’ll try it today.

How would i take good shot out of the mesh, coz it has kinda… lots of polys and it gets quite confusing.

Well as you can see i dont have “basic” human shape there when it comes to body anatomy. But when it comes to Facial shapes i’d suggest you look for tutorial on these forums called “the better face tutorial” or something.

Ah here we go. Link to the tutorial Click here

Okay made just one more version out of it coz i wasnt happy of the node setup of the original… I like this one better. Its also rendered in slighly higher resolution (as i was asked to do so, some people can use it as background image or something)…

About the nodes here… unfortunelly i managed to destroy the setup :S… so. cant really tell much about it (dumb ass forgot to save the project before restart)

Oh and it seems the skytexture has changed in someplace between versions.

man it just’s cool!