Weird deformation (bones and weight paint)

hi, i am trying to make a rig and i am rigging the mouth. but when i mpve the bone around, it makes strange deformations, is there a way to make the bone only affect the vertices i have sellected and not move the face around it. (i want to be able to move it around and not have it affect the face like in the lower pick)
here is the blend file so you can get a better look yourself:
character head rigging V3.blend (1016.1 KB)

Sure. Duplicate the verts you want affected. Invert selection remove from mouth bone groups. There will be verts affected by your bones, but no faces will be affected.

But verts don’t get rendered, you know. Faces get rendered, not verts. So even though you could do this, it would be a bad idea.

how does this rig do it then? i am trying to mimic the same method it uses.
EKRCOASTER.blend (3.9 MB)

I’m sorry, I probably misunderstood what you were asking.

I don’t know what you’re trying to do with your file. You have two armature modifiers and a fluid sim on your mouth/face mesh, and that doesn’t make any sense to me.

Try disabling the second armature modifier, then moving your mouth only in local X/Y axes. It should do what you want.

ok, thanks, (by the way, i do not know why the fluid sim thing was there) ya, getting rid of the second modifier fixed it (i do not know why that was there too) it worked. :slight_smile: