Weird Dream

I hardly ever have real dreams, flying or not. They are always extremely abstract. I fear the day the will be able record my dreams…

A recurring dream that I had for about six years, was, as best as I can describe it, as following: not responsible for freaking people out

There are two shades of gray. One is sharp, the other soft. The sharp shade is what I am on. Then a string shrinks to a singularity, and I freak out, running through the gray, which I now gather to be the ground. Since there is no shading, and for some reason, the horizon is flat, I cannot see that the sharp gray is sharp because it is covered in brambles. I run, tripping over branches, but I cannot even see myself. I come to a sandbox, and one of the grains of sand is slightly shaded, easily discernable against the two shades of gray. I pick it up, and it allows me to see my hand, bloody due to my running. The string explodes, in a pinnacle of gravity. A tone of voice, sadist rings in my head. I cry out, but am rushed towards the point at the top of the distortion made by the whirling string. I see a red button, bright against the bleakness. I realize that it will stop all this, and I stretch my mind towards it, willing it to move. But no, I get sucked into the point…

And I wake up all sweaty. Each time I had this dream, I got closer to pressing the button.

Now THAT is weird.

I used to have wierd dreams a lot. One that I can remember is that I was facing down into a chasm and at the bottom was huge jagged rocks. I then realised i was falling in but i didnt seem to care and just as i was about to get impaled i put my arms out and glided upwards out of the chasm and over to the other side where there was a park with a mote and beyond the mote was a city that was modern but had medieval buildings. Then the sky started to go grayish-red and i jumped over the mote to the city and hundreds of planes started flying over head. Then there was some dialogue that I cant remember and then i woke up. I used to have dreams like that all the time now i almost never have dreams its weird

Dreams are just crap the brain produces when it has nothing to do.
Nothing more to it.

My grandma says that dreams are the way your brain clears itself out.

That said, I used to have this recurring dream that I was back in high school… and I’d think “What the HECK am I doing here? I’m 2(fill in the blank, 22, 25, whatever) years old!”

I think dreams are the evidence of batch processing, as our brains sift thru the inputs of the previous day and try to make sense of it all. I used to experience nightmares of being trapped and unable to do anything every time I started a new job.

Which doesn’t explain why I dreamt the other night of being trapped in a Puerto Rican dance hall.

Do you think this dream was a sign to stop procrastinating?
Interpreting your dream AND your post I’d say yes, simply because of your asking…

Only not exactly: it depends on the emotional intensity of your dream. If the dream wants to directly show you something it generaly wakes you up so that you remember the statement. But those dreams are rare…
Most dreams instead, just accomplish virtually a wish fullfilment that is, they put you into a situation where all is well and generally better than in reality. This is so that you stay asleep and your body and mind have a good rest.

In your dream, receiving such critics as you mentioned would mean the job is over. Definitely so since they are “unreasonable” and the work won’t deserve being touched anymore. The ability to fly can genearally be considered an exceptionnal skill.
To me you just wish you had finished your city with flying colors :slight_smile:
but nobody can interpret dreams better than the dreamer. The book wher I got all this from is Sigmund Freud’s The Interpretation Of Dreams

EDIT: I hadn’t noticed the january thread bump maybe the city is over by now :stuck_out_tongue:

I had a dream where I fought with a polar bear (it came after me while I was riding my bike along a dike while carrying my house on the back of my bike). That was a good dream.

I also had a dream where I got bitten by a snake and my body started to fall apart. That was incredibly unpleasant. Mostly because I could ‘feel’ in that dream.