Weird dream

Last night I had a dream of this girl I never met before, she was so much like me. Sadly later I awoke just to realize it didn’t happen, and I never met that amazing person. Now that’s not too bad right? Something you’d just shake off as a dream.

So later that day I go out of the house to play tennis. I bumped into the exact girl from my dream so I just said sorry and walked on, but I couldn’t shake the feeling that I’d seen her before. As I was walking back I realized that she was the same as in my dream. The whole thing happened as it happened in my dream, then later that week I talked to her. I guess we see what happens.

Am I the only one who finds this weird?

I don’t think that is a weird dream. Because human mind can think anything and what it can think some time you can see that as a dream. Like when I was young I use to play games and than at night I myself see the dreams like I am stuck between some zombies and they killed me without mercy.

As your username shows that you are a writer (ScriptingPro) or maybe be a programming, but if you are writer any how than it can be a normal as I think you should have think lots of stories.

Since I am also interested in writting stories , I like to think like horror stories of both games and movies , and so when I use to live alone I can just see everything that is happening with me. It was not for real but as my thinking goes so much like good or nice that I use to see everything in front of me or in my mind. Some times it also like shock me or gave me some bad type of feelings.

Hope my this experience helps :smiley:

Thanks in advanced…

Thanks. :smiley: I’m a programmer/writer so I choose that name to fit both. :stuck_out_tongue:

No joke ScriptingPro. I had the exact same dream last night. It was a great dream, we had everything in common.
I usually can’t remember my dreams. I woke up single and sad ):

That’s weird… O_o It’s so sad though, but I’ve gotten used to it after about 10 times. :confused:

This bears strange resemblance to a thread I had constructed a loooooonnng time ago…a thread which I now look upon with sheepish stupidity that I can only facepalm…

as for the OP, yep…that’s a pretty weird scenario.

You call that weird?

I had a dream last week where I had created a 3D sonic game that doesn’t suck!

yes I think that cannot be called a weird dream, because in dreams we do lots of things which cannot be done in real life. I have done many things in dreams which I cannot do in real life I mean to say I become hero of so many games in dream or I can go to other country or like so.

Hmm…not as weird in my opinion…though personally i don’t think the sonic games are all that bad…but then, they aren’t my favorite either.

Sometimes for me, it can almost be a bummer when I dream that I’m on the verge of a huge financial windfall, and then wake up in my bed. Related to that are a few dreams I’ve had where I’m about to turn into or be turned into a Dragon, like that will ever happen (it doesn’t even happen in the dream). Of course, human to Dragon isn’t the only genetic alteration I’ve witnessed if you count other people turning into things, I once dreamed of some orientation-type class people go into to before boarding a centrifuge that goes up, spins real fast, and turns the people into Na’vi. (the blue cat people from Avatar).

Contrary to that, I’m generally glad to wake up whenever I have a dream of a bizarre issue with my PC (like some weird virus or something).

Then there’s the times where things could get confusing, I dream that I wake up, but I’m still in a dream, and sometimes I wake up into another dream before I finally wake up.

There’s those nights where I have multiple dream sequences interspersed by wake periods, there was one recent night where I had four separate dream sequences going into the morning, that was a long night.

And then there are those dreams subjects that I’m left scratching my head at, like I had one or two with references towards the movie Avatar when I’ve never even seen the movie myself. Some are also related to movies and shows I’ve not seen in years, and despite having graduated from high school a number of years ago, I still have dreams about being in high school from time to time (and to make it even more strange I’m aware that I’ve graduated and yet I’m there for classes)

Also related to dreams is this fun little tidbit I read in one of my Bathroom reader books, the higher your IQ, the more you dream.

Sonic died in 2004. And that’s being nice! It was actually even earlier than that.

I completely agree the experience is weird since you dreamt it the night before it occuring, but I would bet you’ve walked past her before and some part of your memory kept her in it, must be a looker.:wink: Perhaps on the walk to or from tennis? But the part I don’t get is how you talked to her later that week. Wasn’t your dream just last night?

Want weird? For the longest time I used to have credits in my dreams if I could finish one. If I woke up before them I would feel crappy for the rest of the day - worn out. Could never read them from what I recall, but I know they were there. Hasn’t happened in a long time though.

Hope it works out for you.

Hahaha, that’s pretty amusing, aliens sending you pirated movies or something while your sleeping :O.
I don’t seem to dream too much, at least if I do I don’t really remember them. According to Ace Dragons books I must be stupid then :O.

Or maybe you just haven’t made much of an effort over the years to remember then, there are times where I strain my mind trying to remember what I dreamed the night before or just a few hours before.

The general knowledge that is out there indicates that everyone dreams on a nightly basis, but you forget them the moment you wake up. (the brain throws them out as soon as they’re done).

In addition to that I think it’s generally accepted that a person usually has multiple dreams in a night, but usually only remembers one if any. Some also believe dreams are the way the brain cleans house and makes sense of the world it just had to deal with. Perhaps yours is just in a better state of organization?

Dreams are your brain producing DMT.

Make you move now, Just shut up and kiss her. You talked to her? I guess that could work maybe. I would not try to much of it.
I just saw in another post you are 13 maybe you should forget my advice for a few years. sorry

I once had a dream that I ate a 50 lb. marshmallow and when I woke up my pillow was gone.:frowning:

Last night i had a strange dream about minecraft being more detailed. :spin:

That’s some pillow!