Weird eevee volumetric flickering

I have this weird flickering issue with my Eevee volumetric fog. I think it might be caused by the fact that the fog is moving, but I’m not entirely sure. I’ve tried rendering the footage without bloom turned on, but even that hasn’t helped and it completely ruins the scene without it. Anyone got any ideas? I’ve gone with just rendering out a part that displays the problem, as the .blend file is huge for this scene. If requested I’d be happy to post it though. This is my first scene I’ve ever worked on outside of tutorials, so I’ve run into quite a lot of roadblocks and the scene is heavily unoptimized.

Also, whilst I’m here, is there any way to stop parts of the fog being lit up by none visable lights, as seen near the left pipes on the linked video? I understand this might be a limitation of eevee, but I might as well ask

If you want to use eevee i would suggest changing the anistropic setting in the volune render settings and eevee is limited in lighting so using the light probes will help. Its hard to diagnose without at blend file

Its my fault, I had accidentally linked a noise keyframe from another object. Thanks for the tip though, that might come in handy

Thats a cool looking scene :+1:

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