Weird Effect when Scaling

Hey! Still pretty new at blender. Went GK scale a model. Everything looked decent except for a spear shaft, it gets all jagged. Any way to correct this? The picture has the scaled model and the original.


My first guess is that there is a modifier on the object that doesn’t behave well when the object is scaled. Either apply the modifier or adjust the modifier properties so that it doesn’t cause the distortion anymore.

My second guess is that you are using a non-helpful combination of Transform Orientations and Pivot Point. Take a look at the manual pages for those two things to get a better idea of how they work. For what you are doing, I’d recommend using Global orientation. Pivot point behaves differently depending on whether you are in Object Mode or Edit Mode, so make sure you know how the different Pivot points behave in each mode.

Transform Orientations:

Pivot Points:

Lastly, except for some very specific corner cases, I’d recommend scaling in Edit Mode most of the time. If you aren’t doing that, give it a try. Best of luck and let us know how it goes!

Ok good news is I’m in edit mode. I’d also point out, I did this on two similar models and the spears scaled just fine. I’ll look into the things you suggest tho! Not at my computer right now.

Oh edit: no modifiers present so hopefully that’s not it.

Well I tried to toy around with the settings mentioned above. No luck :neutral_face: Any other thoughts?