Weird faces and lines

Please take a look at this picture

I pressed the smoothbutton,and then this disaster happened.
What can I do,to remove that (remove doubles doesn’t work)
And my other problem.
On the tower are some lines( I guess there name is vertices) which I can’t delete
i mark them,press x->delete vertices,and nothing happens…
Of course I also tried edges and faces,but this also doesn’t work…

Try recalculating normals. Go to edit mode and press ctrl+n. See if that works.

By the way you can always see what direction the faces are pointing by pressing the n key to bring up the menu on the right. When you are in edit mode, scroll down and you will see ‘Mesh Display’ and under that option there will be 'Normals: ’ and two check boxes that say faces and vertex. Clicking either one will show you the direction of the faces or vertices.

Thank you very much
It romeved nearly all errors except the bugs by the entrance.
But I guess this bug is undestructabel^^
So my question is,can I ‘fix’ it,when I put textures over it?

Edit:Sorry,I forgot to paste the screenshot.

I think it’s just the shading. I would have to check out the .blend file to figure out what’s wrong with it if it’s not the normals.

I found the problem
For some reason,there were more faces on the same place as it should be
thank you anyway,that you spend your time helping a noob :]
with best regards