Weird Facial Rig

Hello all. I created a simple facial rig for a cartoon bird I’m working on (her name is Daisy). I basically followed David Wards facial rigging tutorial from blendercookie. I’m the in process now of creating the drivers for my ShapeKeys and I’m noticing that all of the drivers (shapekeys) affect the right eye by pulling it backwards along the Y axis. This effect multiplies the more drivers I activate which is why I didn’t notice it at first, but when I’ve got the jaw down and left and the cheeks puffed and the lefteye blinking then my right top eyelid is halfway back on my birds head. I’m hoping I didn’t do something wrong when I built all my shapekeys. Is there a way to fix this without having to remake every one of my shapekeys and drivers?
I’d really appreciate any advice anyone has to offer
Blender 2.66a
OSX 10.7.5