Weird fingers deform wih Rigify

Hello, I’ve followed this tutorial in order to add fingers to the default armature generate by Rigify
so I added the bones as described and configured the constraints for their behavior. The final result is the following:

But when I try to rotate any of the fingers, I get ts weird result:

What am I doing wrong? Thank you!

Rigify should have fingers by default anyway?

Did you create a metarig first?

Yes, I created a basic human metarig (it comes without fingers), scaled, adapted to the mesh and then I applied scale to it (to “normalize” its scale). Next, I parented it with the mesh (with automatic weights) and finally I generated the rig. I couldn’t find default fingers on Rigify anyway.

Try this one instead. You can then just go into edit mode and delete the facial controls (unless you want them)


Simple, yet brilliant solution. Thank you, you made my day!