Weird flashing texture issue

Gif image for the problem:

I successfully managed to rig some pieces for my project, but I started noticing problems when moving it around. These weird square chunks are acting weird like shown in the gif above. This would be horrible for animation. My opinion for what is causing this is the “Data transfer” modifier.

The modifier must be kept, otherwise it will have those annoying bumps like on the left apple object:


I noticed this problem a long time ago, it looked like in the .gif image below. To avoid those square dents, the original apple has to be put to the other apple with the data transfer mod as close as possible.

I tried applying all modifiers, but it had 0 effect. Is there any way to fix this?

Can’t check as the textures were not packed into the .blend file…

Oops, I updated it. Thought it will show up in the first upload :roll_eyes:.

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OK…first off…I am not getting the same results with the flashing boxes…works just like it should…the only thing I get is the light shine reflecting off…the bump map…

I checked the data transfer…( honestly I don’t know why you were using it, or for what purpose), but there was absolutely no difference with it on or off …or even when deleted altogether…makes no difference at all…I made sure it was connected to the Big Apple…( it was not) …I pulled it across the screen and get the dents as you showed, so I unlinked it…and dents vanished and everything else still worked just fine…no matter what I did with it …I could not get rid of the transition between slices and apple body caused by the specular disconnecting the color ramp and bumping up the roughness…works but defeats the purpose. You might not use the original diffuse, to control the roughness and use something like Crazy Bump to make up your roughness and specular maps…as well as a normal map if so inclined…

quick shot with added materials on your sliced apple…modifiers still active…no flashing…

Used Materialize to generate the other texture maps…

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The apple will look like this without the data transfers:

Really odd, I can still see the dents, they might not be noticeable, but they are there. Doesn’t matter though, I found a workaround to this, I’ll just animate my way so that the dents wouldn’t be in the view.

I don’t understand the bump map you have mentioned. Is this about the “Juicy” material that is beneath the apple’s skin? I used the bump node so that the insides wouldn’t look completely smooth, as the apples’ insides are always bumpy in some way. It doesn’t look real, but that’s as close as I could get it to look more real.

Yes, that was the part…It was the reflections from the specular I believe, reflecting off the bump map, made it look rougher than it is, and with my set-up it was really Bright on the inside…at least from my system…yours might look different…could be a combo of specular, the bump, and the HDRI I was using…

Yeah, I couldn’t completly get rid of the edges on the cut either…turning is about the only way to go, as well as dropping the specular…it helped by adding the normal map and dropping the bump map. But I assume you do want a shiny apple…so…got to do what you gotta do!
Have fun with your Blend!

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