Weird flickering in animation...

ok, this is embarrassing because i thought Id kinda got past this. In the .blend supplied the animated model “flickers” when rendered. I have been over the normals and cant see any inverted (this is after i used <CTRL-N). And now Im thinking I may have a duplicated mesh.

BUT, Ive never found a way to see if that is true and get rid of the extra mesh. I would appreciate someone having a look at the file and confirming my suspicians ant telling me if there is a good way to fix it. Or if Im wrong, telling me what the real problem is…



Camera Laser Level.blend (354 KB)

Try adding an Edge-Split modifier to your robot model. The default of 30 degrees will probably work for you. You should almost always do this on a model that has a mixture of curves and sharp creases, if you’ve selected the Line/Materials ‘Set Smooth’ button.

or try to use autosmooth

Thats it! autosmooth! Now I really feel dumb because I posted the same suggestion in someone elses thread about 2 weeks ago :o

Thanks for reminding me!