Weird Game?.......Fried Caterpillar!

This is my latest game, you may find it a bit strange but give it a whirl and
see what you think. I’ve not tested it much so any feedback would be appreciated.

Here is the plot:

                        FRIED CATERPILLAR

The game consists of 7 levels (or stages). You are a caterpillar who is on
Death-row for eating cabbages but someone has forgotten to lock the cell door
so you have a chance to run for freedom. It is a long journey and there are
many obstacles along the way, e.g: Rivers, Electric fencing, Quicksand, Tight
rope etc. There are also several Robot Gardeners who pack a deadly punch. Your
ultimate goal is Caterpillar Heaven where you can eat plants from morning till

There are 3 levels of difficulty. In the medium and hard levels you need food
to survive but in the easy level your energy remains constant.

Only in .blend format at the moment 1.06 MB.

Hope you like it. jrt.


??? means Page Not Found :slight_smile:

Hi OTO, Works when I click on the link. Have you tried ‘My Games’ link at the bottom?


Nope ‘My Games’ link at the bottom doesn’t work either…

Don’t understand what’s going on! I’ve cleared all my temporary internet files and history in case I was getting information from my own computer but the links still work OK. I’ll check it out some more later.


Maybe u typed the link wrong…

Sorry guys! (He said red faced), thought you were talking about the links on this page. Checked the zip file, found I’d put a space between the two words. Should work now.

I’ll just cross my fingers and crawl back into my hole. HE! HE!


VERY NICE! :wink:

Thanks xintoc, Glad it finally worked!


seems to handle well… I just used arrow keys and picked up veg… pushed some mushrooms into electric fences and died a couple o’ times…

didn’t check for sound…

Thanks burnhard. I think it’s more effective with the sound on, in fact I will probably add a few more. I don’t feel a game really comes to life without sound. BTW the mushrooms are supposed to go in the river to make a bridge, LOL!


looks like you’re quiet busy with blender for a while
a lot of game man
great !
better than tuts anyway :wink:

Thanks rompelstilc, guess what they lack in quality I’ve made up for in quantity. LOL. Unfortunatly time is at a premium at the moment but I hope to get back to it in the near future.

Hope you find them useful. I think looking at other peoples blends is one of the best ways of learning the Game Engine (with the lack of tutorials).