Weird Glares/Highlights

Hello all. This is my first time actually posting a project of mine, so if this is the wrong way to go about asking for advice, apologies.

Here is the scene I’m currently working on:

It’s a work in progress, and I know it’s really dark, but I was trying to finish working on the lamp when I hit a wall. At the base and middle of the lamp stand, as well as on the top of the lamp shade, I’ve gotten these strange colored/distorted highlights. The ones on the stand appeared when I created the actual bulb, and the lamp shade one just appeared as I increased the energy of the lamp. I have my point lamp in the middle of the bulb which has a pretty standard clear glass material and then the shade is the same only green and thicker. All materials and objects have receive transparent checked so they get the modified light as it passes through the glass materials. Additionally, the alpha for the bulb is 0 and for the shade is .2, and both have their filters set to 1 under the transparency and raytrace section. Sorry if this is a little vague, but does anyone have any advice for how to get rid of the distortions? I’ve played around with both the lighting and the materials and nothing I’ve done has changed anything, so I was hoping someone else may have come across this before.