Weird gradiant shadow artifacts on the faces but normals are fine

I’m getting these weird gray shadows on my mesh and I’m not sure what’s causing it.
It’s not my normals because I have recalculated them multiple times and I’ve already tried “clear sharp” under Edge in the edit tab.

Does anyone have an idea what could be the cause and point me in the right direction?

More images-

Hi and welcome to BA!

See if there’s any custom split normals, and if so, remove them:


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Academic question here: you say “see if there’s any…”, is there a place where you can see

IF any,
HOW many,

Rather than simply blindly hitting the CLEAR button?

If there isn’t any, there’d be ‘Add’ button instead of ‘Clear’ (and also IIRC the auto-smooth angle slider will be grayed out). Selecting them is pretty much moot, I think. It’s a mesh data layer, it either exists or doesn’t. Although it’s possible that it could be more granular than that (i.e. similar to vertex groups), I haven’t looked into it that closely.

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Those are probably inside faces, toggle wireframe on and inspect

Thank you! That fixed it!