Weird hair position - Problem

Hello guys !

I’m a new Blender user and as many of you I tried to make a character, but i’ve got a serious problem with the hair.
Well, to make it simple, the hair spawning origin is completely messed up, i get hair everywhere but on my mesh.
Here is a screenshot so you can easily understand :

I tried to use another object with the same particle emitter and it works as expected :(.
So i guess the problem is with the object itself and not with the particle system, must be an option i messed with without paying attention …
Already tried some things but it didn’t work …

Any ideas ? :o

Answer to myself :
After trying to use every options possible i found that ( Apply (Ctrl A) -> Rotation & Scale ) solved my issue !

If someone else gets the same kind of problem, it could be solution :wink: .