Weird Half-Size Texture Error

I’m new to the forum, but I’ve been using Blender for a few years. I’ve just run into the biggest problem I’ve ever had.

I was going to make a simple model, a small radiator (actually a condensor for a v-twin converted to steam) with decent looking textures. I had managed to create decent looking textures for the small project (200x250 PNG), so, as usual, I tested them on a simple plane in a new scene before applying them directly to the object.

When I applied the textures, they appeared to be half the resolution that they actually were in the viewport and game engine. I even double-checked to make sure texture-clamping was off, and it was. I tried other images, just to see if I got the same result. Some images gave me a correct result, while others also resized themselves upon mapping. The weirdest part is that the images appear to be their appropriate size when rendered. This happens in every version of Blender I have installed except for 2.65, which I don’t want to use for this because I’m still not quite used to the new Blender layout and want to use 2.49b for this simple project.

I used an alpha png texture exported from Gimp, but I have never had this trouble before out of images.

Any ideas of what could be causing this trouble? It’s really starting to stress me out.

I do not know, can you post a test file (.blend)?

Try upscaling your texture to 256x256 in an image editor. Always try to have texture dimensions that are powers of two. I think that Blender will downscale textures to the nearest power of two, so in this case it would be downscaling to 128*128. I think.

Thanks! That worked! Now I’ll be able to happily create things once again.