Weird layer behaviour

Hi all,

I cant get the layers to work!

I select a mesh and then hit M, a small box appears with a those little boxes and an OK button. The first box (1. row) is selected I change it to the 2nd box (1. row) and hit OK.

Nothing changes. Its still there.
When I now click in the layers button on the 2nd box (1. row) nothing changes. Only when I click on the 2nd box (2. row) the mesh disappears. Hä?

But when I then do the same with another mesh, the first mesh doesnt react at all. It just stays visible.

Whats wrong? Or do I use it wrong?
I use blender 2.36 on OSX 10.3.9

Thank you,

it seems as if you have the mesh on both layer 1 and 2…(first row)

the layer looks like this:


and it is counting the first row 1-5 next to left is 6-10

and below is 11-15 and below right is 16-20…

at default there’s a lamp, camera and a cubemesh loaded into Layer 1 which would be:

and if you select the cube and hiting M-key and clicking onto and then OK-button:

the cubemesh will be moved to same layer (no. 2)

if you do the same with:


it will be moved to layer number: 12…

but as I read it…either way you have selected both layer 1 and 2 when clicking on the OK-button:


I don’t know other way how to read your explenation otherwise…hopes it helps…



when you mean clicking on the layerbuttons to check where it is moved, do you mean you click on the “header” of the 3D view… ?? (not the M-key, which is the command for moving objects between layers)

I break down a simple explanation of layers
layers are present in your scene. there is a group of layer buttons in the 3D window header (usually below the 3d window) that shows the currently visible layer
each object can belong to one or more layer. that is what the m button does.
If you change an object to a visible layer, it will remain visible
if you change it to an invisible layer, it will dissappear!
If you make that layer (in the 3d window header) visible, it will reappear
If you change one object’s layer, it doesn’t affect the other objects in your scene, unless they are linked to a common layer IPO