Weird lighting effect on my metal texture

Hey guys,
i have this weird “line” on my metal cylinder while using a node setup for a metal texture.
Can anyone help me getting rid of it?
I dont have a seam where this line is and my nodes use an UV-Map as the texture coordinate.

Furthermore i am aiming for a metal texture that is like the texture a macbook. If anyone has a suggestion for a better node or texture setup, feel free to show it to me.

Thank you for your help


What is in your Node Group? Look at different HDRI in the LookDev, what happens…does it move?
I wild shot in the dark…turn your scale down to .5 and see what happens… also make sure to run the displacement through a Displacement Node instead of directly to the input…and select Displacement in the shader tab under settings, in Cycles.

Hey, if you could share the file it would be easier to understand.
Did you check your normals? Maybe you have another cylinder inside. Could be a lot of things. If you rotate the cylinder does the shadow stay on the same place or does it rotate with the object?

I couldnt upload another image of the node tree because i was restricted ed to 1 picture only as a new user.
The solution for my problem was the missing “vector displacement” node. Now everything works flawlessly!!!

So thank you very much for the help from both of you @RSEhlers @regisf !

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