Weird Lighting Need

Hi All,

Working on car render. Had this idea of black surface under the car (black metalic) and light the car so it reflects in the metalic plane.

At the end I would like to end up with normal car rendered and its reflection in the metalic plane.

The problem is that if you light up the car well, few lights (planes with emmision) are reflecting of the metal plane to camera as well. The way how to do it is somehow block direct lights coming on the plane to reflect to camera. So please is there a way to reflect only indirect lights of certain material?

Thank you very much for replies.

If I understood you correctly, you have a car that is sitting on top of a black reflective plane. You want to light the scene with mesh lights, but you don’t want those lights to show up in the reflective plane.

There is no way to have blender automatically do this. Reflections from light sources are part of how you can tell a surface is glossy, so you really don’t want to remove them anyway. That would make the surface look unrealistic.

The best thing you can do is render out each pass, edit the lights out of the glossy direct pass, then recombine the images.

Here is a scene from before editing the lights out of the glossy:

Here is the scene after using gimp’s clone stamp to remove the lights in the glossy direct pass:

You use this setup to combine the passes. Here is the blend file I used in case you want to inspect it: light removal.blend (1.1 MB)

Amazing reply, thank you.

Thanks, wasn’t sure if there isn’t some way to do it all in blender.

Will look at your blend file as well.

Once more thanks for the answer, very helpful.