Weird lights after rendering

Hi There!
I am a media designer and trying to learn blender - I am an absolute beginner.
I came across a problem and couln’t find a solution on the www by now … so I decided to give it a try with this forum.

I modeled an object (a logo), put some nice lights around it and … after rendering parts of my objekt are missing. I moved the lights around - because I thought maybe parts just dissapeard because of shadows… But even if I place an area light just in front of my object … the problem is still there. You can see the difference between “normal” view and “camera / render” view here:

Here is my blender file:

Thank you for your help very much in advance

Best regards

Camera setting > Lens
Clip end needs a higher value

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Hi Jeremy!

THANK you SO much!!! I would have never figured that out by myself. You made my day! :-))


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