weird line showing on model from uv map

I’m not a really experienced modeler. I’m following a tutorial to create a planet earth, to use in Unity. I found nasa images and have baked them onto UV maps with a high bias. I’m previewing the final output and I noticed this. It’s even more noticeable in unity. It shows one of the edges of the UV map.

Could anyone tell me what this is and why I’m getting it? It’s right in the middle of Africa.

Without seeing the UV maps, this is a guess, but it looks like the color doesn’t extend all the way past the edge of the mesh. There doesn’t appear to be a color change at that spot, so if it is the UV map, you can fix it in a Gimp or PS by painting that color just past the edge of the mesh on the UV map. (or it might be that the mesh extends slightly past the edge of the UV image, in which case pull those verts back onto the image.) The change is small enough you shouldn’t get any distortion.