weird Lines of distinct quads in object mode

I’m having a go at the character rigging tutorial, and have found that four rows of quads seem to be not smoothing out in object mode or something:

Can anyone tell me how to remedy this please? Or whats going on?
No ammount of moving the relevant vertices seems to make these go away when i tab back into object mode…

many thanks in advance,

It almost looks like you have 2 copies of the same model/object sitting in the same place (one smoothed and one not).

Also you may have the normals inverted on some of your faces

It looks like youve added new faces to your mesh, when you do this they are in the set solid state where as the rest of the mesh is in the set smooth state also the normal of the new part are facing the wrong way. The cure is to go into edit mode > select all with key A > press key W and choose set smooth > press keys ctrl-n to recalculate normals.

Hazza that worked perfectly - thankyou!