Weird mesh clipping issue while rendering


I’m kind of lost here, I know it’s probably something simple that I’ve missed but anyways here goes: When I view my mesh in a render or in the game engine parts of the mesh that should be behind are getting rendered in front instead.
A bit of background. I was trying to get transparency to work in my texture, after I finally figured out how to do it my render starts going funny. I tried to back track and take the transparency out but the render still comes out funny. Not sure what I did. Please help if you know what’s up. Thanks

Difficult to say without seeing the file. My first question would be if the normals are pointing in the right direction, but you probably already checked that. Next I’d completely replace the faulty material. Then I’d subdivide the mesh in question, sometimes that alters how it gets rendered. Finally I’d copy the scene to a new scene, that might clear it. If none of this worked, I’d create a new file and link or copy the assets into it. Others might give you better answers, particularly if you post the file.

Which version of Blender are you using? It sounds an awful lot like you enabled Zinvert on your object’s material.

It seems to happen as soon as I check the transparency box. As far as I know I need to activate this in order for the alpha channel to affect opacity. Here is a screen shot. The only thing that has the alpha channel is the planes where the teeth are.

I’m using 2.57.