Weird mouse movement, could be a bug?

Hi, I was just implementing a pointer feature in my menu, but something weird happens with the mouse movement, but this just happens at certain zoom levels of the blender 3d view window. See the video please.

BTW, I hope you understand me, it’s the very first time I record myself speaking english haha.

What? noone sees something wrong here?

What ? No-one can see any demo blend file in your post so we cannot replicate your problem !!

You think it’s a bug ? Report it to the bug tracker

Thank you, I thought the video was enough, and as my first time here that’s why I read the “READ FIRST” post and the thing about the blend file would be a great addition to it!!. So just saying this to me, could be nice from the start.

Well I don’t know if it’s a bug, I just wanted to see what you think/know about this, as I say is not a problem for me, just want to talk about it.
Here is a file I have the same problem.

MOUSEISSUE.blend (4.28 MB)

well thank you