Weird Movement of vertices

Hey i was wondering why my vertices are not moving properly. I am creating a carnival stand and want to move the top up so it is pointy but when i do two vericies move properly to create a triangle but the other two have a flat edge which isnt even there.
Here are some pics



You are asking blender to show a quad as a non planar surface. Blender will render only triangles so it has to split quads into two triangles. There are two alternative ways to split the quad. Blender cannot mind read to understand exactly how you want that quad split so in some case may give the result you don’t want. Just split the quad from the centre point to the corner point to make two triangles


Ok i did the Face cut thing with the red lines. And now it comes up but there is no face there and i try to add a face but it doesn’t let me it says there is already a face

And after

And there is no face there but i cant add one.

Here is the file and see if you can fix it please.

Scene.blend (428 KB)

EDIT: Wrong photo above just replaced it

You want to cut the face into two triangles not just make an edge. Select the center vertex and the corner vertex, then use shortcut J to split the face.


Ok thanks but J doesn’t work as you can see by the video below it just says i pressed J but it did nothing. Please help.

Hopefully That works.

EDIT: sorry dor demo mode on screen didnt know that would happen

You are using an old obsolete version of blender.

In that case select the face and triangulate it with Ctrl+T. If it is split between the wrong vertices select the edge and rotate it by Ctrl+E / rotate edge

Or simply delete the face and make two triangles (select the three vertices and F)

Oh i was on an old version of blender i updated and did J and it worked
Thanks a bunch